Ola amigos, we welcome you with open arms to Cocktailbarka’s new and vibrant website. It is with great honour that we can announce the beginning of our new success story. Having been lucky enough to acquire the exact domain name that we wished for, and even more luckily to get it in .com at cost price we simply had to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Being that we had studied for the job during our college years but never done anything about it, myself and my wife Linda were eager to get our crafty little mittens to work on designing, beefing up, and running traffic to Cocktailbarka.

Now this may seem like an easy task, but you can take our word for it that nothing comes easily when setting up a new blog. Choosing a theme and learning how to construct this in the best way itself up to a couple of days, and while creating the content can sometimes be a bit of a chore the truth is that we enjoy nothing more than being able to recommend specific websites and products that appeal to us while at the same time knowing that we are helping our readers both save precious money and securing them against possible fraudulent competing website in any given niche.

At the moment Cocktailbarka is simply our test project and hobby, but we both wish to grow it to a higher level although we are the first to admit that this will not be an easy task without some external help.

Perhaps at some stage we will take one or two helping hands to help us grow Cocktailbarka in the direction that we want to, but for the moment we are just happy that we are finally up and running and available for all to see online! If you would like to help us in any way then we are more than welcome to hearing your suggestions and would appreciate it if you could get in touch to let us know what more we can do.

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